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Fabulous Frangipanis..

Their diversity of flower colour, intoxicating scent, ease of growth and propagation have made this delightful shrub to small tree a favourite to many and an obsession to some.

Historically the frangipani’s potency has been recorded in myth and legend by numerous cultures from the Mayans to Polynesians.

The Language of Flowers tells us frangipani means love that will withstand distance, freedom, welcome, immortality, strength and love in general.

Perfect for summer shade, delightful scent and stunning floral display, their deciduous nature allows warming winter sun to sooth. The invitation of Love, intoxicating fragrance, enduring floral beauty and ease of care are serious motivators to include one (or more😉) of these beauties into your garden… or even pots!

With tantalising names like 🌺 Frangipani Rubra, Lulu, Bali Whirl, Blackjack, Darwin Blue, Darwin Blood, Hot Pink 🌺 Little Rainbow 🌺 and Everlasting Love, how can you resist one of these to spice up your garden!

Bring on the Love 🙂

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Now there’s an idea…

Check out this fabulous solution to domestic gardening … chase the sun in restricted areas … protect from insects… all at waist height.

Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Kits give you the best of both worlds and more. You get the size of a raised garden bed with all the benefits of container gardening. Not only that, you also get the benefit of a Raised Garden Bed Cover that extends growing seasons and accelerates plant growth.

Garden maintenance is minimal and watering is only required during the early stages of plant growth. Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Kits are simply the easiest way to grow your own vegetables.

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Not ‘just’ a Fence… Create a Garden Feature…

There’s more to a fence than marking out boundaries.  A fence can provide privacy, wind protection, segment yard area and a whole lot more…  Walls and fences can become vertical gardens, adding interest and colour, especially in compact spaces.

You can find out more about vertical gardens by following the link below… And call in to Pelicans Landing Garden Centre at Nambucca Heads to check out our wide range of wall features and ornaments to add finishing touches – or even to design in before construction…

fish wall ornaments

And you can catch up on what’s been happening this Spring at Pelicans Landing too…

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